Why do pimples occur after shaving?

No matter how fashion changes, a clean-shaven face will always attract attention. But you can achieve the effect only by using a razor. The desire to look perfect has its drawbacks – daily skin injury causes irritation, itching, rashes, acne. Female representatives also face this problem. But it is possible to minimize the consequences of using a razor. The article contains the secrets of proper shaving, which will help to avoid cuts and the appearance of painful acne.

How to deal with the cause of acne after shaving

In pursuit of beauty and perfectly smooth skin, a person often faces the negative consequences of using a razor: redness, peeling, rashes, acne. They appear due to injury to the surface layer of the epithelium, which reduces the protective functions of the upper layer of the epidermis.

Having identified the main cause of acne, they should be minimized by following simple rules:

  • Change your razor more often. Even the highest quality reusable razor gets dull. To achieve the necessary smoothness of the skin, you have to shave in one place several times, respectively, because of this, irritation of the skin increases and acne appears. A new machine will help to avoid problems.
  • Follow the shaving technique. Trying to make the skin perfectly smooth, people remove hairs against the direction of their growth. It is correct to do it in the opposite direction.
  • Rinse your razor thoroughly after each use. After application, hairs, particles of skin and sebum remain on the blade of the machine. If the contamination is not carefully removed, then even a minor cut the next time you use a razor will result in infection of the wound.
  • Don’t forget to cleanse your skin before shaving. Dirty skin leads to a greater likelihood of inflammation and acne.
  • use special shaving products. Removing hair on dry skin impairs blade glide, increases friction, and promotes irritation. Therefore, you should buy a cosmetic cream.
  • Use aftershave. Specialized cosmetic products contain antiseptic, anti-inflammatory components that relieve burning and itching. This will help minimize the occurrence of acne.
  • Choose the right shaving products. The best and highest quality cosmetics can also irritate the skin. Therefore, you should pay attention to the composition and, in the presence of individual intolerance to the components, choose another option.
  • Take into account the individual characteristics of the skin. Dry skin is more prone to peeling, itching, so each movement of the machine causes additional injury and increases the likelihood of acne. Moisturizers will help to avoid problems.

Shaving Technique to Minimize Pimples

People don’t spend enough time getting the razor and skin ready for the next procedure. Because of this, irritation occurs after shaving, and pimples appear. To minimize the damage to the skin, you should follow the shaving technique:

  • The process must begin with cleansing the skin. This will remove existing dirt and dead skin particles from the surface. Then you should slightly steam the skin with warm water, which will make it more elastic.
  • Apply shaving cream. Specialists prefer gels, they have a denser structure and create the necessary barrier between the blade and the skin surface, protecting it. Also, specialized products soften the hairs and facilitate their removal.
  • Rinse the blade with hot water, and then proceed to remove the hairs. After each stroke of the razor, wash off the hairs from the surface of the blade.
  • After completing the hair removal procedure, thoroughly rinse off the remaining gel and treat the skin with a cosmetic product with an antibacterial, soothing effect. Dermatologists do not recommend the use of alcohol-containing products, they do not help relieve irritation and do not destroy pimples.